"The heartbreak is over!"

2013 Start Line

My 4th Boston Marathon, but not my last!

Well worth it!

Visually impaired runner, Richard Marsolais, is guided through Brookline by his sighted guide, Nilesh Gandhi.

The Boston Marathon was awesome this year because my wonderful sister ran it in record time for her, and therefore ahead of the two explosions.  This one was her 57th marathon - she is awesome running or not.

Real superheros

Dan Berlin, of Ft. Collins, Colorado, is reunited with his daughter at the finish line. 

from the sidelines

From the sidelines, I am always buoyed by the t-shirts runners wear, with dedications to special people and purposes. Unlike St Patrick’s Day or New Year’s Eve that can feel like manufactured or forced celebration, the air of celebration on Marathon Monday is real. I love celebrating the determination and spirit of every runner.

Boston Marathon, 1939, via Boston Public Library